Plans for this year

Now that Global Game Jam is out of the way, a few of you may have noticed I started posting several of my games on other sites. So far, String Theory and Ichabot Crane are posted up on Kongregate, while GameJolt has String Theory, Ichabot Crane, Prototype: Munch and Galactic NEON. I’ll be making a few bug fixes here and there on each of these games.

Moving forward, it’s clear now that I have quite a library of games to build on top of. For example, once I’m done with the bug fixes, I plan on significantly fleshing out Galactic NEON with a few new features. I’m also looking into adding more levels in Touch Yoga, though I may need a Kickstarter for it due to Unity’s high license cost and Apple’s super-expensive development tools. And I’m already getting a few requests to revive my college project Save the Princess to a much more longer title.

As for new titles, I’m looking into entering more game jams this year, with Ludum Dare being the most interesting. There’s also a few experimental games I want to try out when time permits, so there probably aren’t going to be a shortage on those. Needless to say, this is going to be a very exciting year!

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