prototype-murakami v22

This is an automated post, previewing a game currently in development.

Space to move forward.
Shift to turn 180 degrees and cancel the puzzle.
Hold the right mouse button or left ctrl to look around.
When approaching a fork, puzzle, or a door, click on the button that appears on the screen to select the next path.

[WP_UnityObject src=”” width=”610″ height=”343″/]

Changes for v22:
[Taro Omiya] Slightly adjusting the flash duration.

[Taro Omiya] Merge with Combat Integration:
Adding animations for firing and reloading gun.

[Taro Omiya] Integrating the camera animations into the actions.

[Taro Omiya] Working on adding camera shakes and similar animations.

[Taro Omiya] Changing the camera angle for reloading.

[Taro Omiya] Allowing the user to fire bullets.

[Taro Omiya] Adding combat controller to refactor all the combat stuff from the OnRailsController.

[Taro Omiya] Adding left hand IK on reload animation.

[Taro Omiya] Making initial progress on adding reload animation.

[Taro Omiya] Still modifying the animations. I hate it. Needs more exaggerated motions.

[Taro Omiya] Triggering a shoot animation whenever the person clicks the left mouse button.

[Taro Omiya] Starting off by using AngryBots script to handle firing shots. Not liking it.

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