Twitch Live-Stream: Adding Coins During Down-time

Hello, everyone! As usual, we’ll be live streaming at 3:00 PM EST today, and will make it a weekly thing before we release the game. If you’ve missed this stream, remember that you have next Tuesday, 3:00 PM EST to look forward to! Watch live video from japtar10101 on

Through Oneself v1.1.1 update!

Up until now, we’ve been silently updating our Ludum Dare 35 game, originally titled Hidden in Plain Sight, to Through Oneself. The title change was due to the discovery of an existing game that was also titled Hidden in Plain Sight. Along with the title change, though, we’ve made a couple of changes to address...

Not a Clone Update: Ridiculous Rockets

Ridiculous Rockets 1
We have a short Not a Clone update this week. We finished integrating Astra Wijaya’s artwork for Ridiculous Rockets last Tuesday (May 10th, 3:00 PM EDT) in our weekly live-stream: As always, our stream’s highlight is available here: Next Tuesday’s 3:00 PM EDT stream (at will cover the last microgame that needs art...

Not a Clone Update: Make Me Happy

Make Me Happy success
After some technical difficulties with our weekly live-stream last Tuesday (May 3rd, 3:00 PM EDT), we’ve successfully integrated Astra Wijaya’s artwork to the comical animal caring simulator, Make Me Happy. Or is it a complimenting-a-classmate simulator? You decide! Such a romantic micro-game wouldn’t be complete without any heartbreaks! Fortunately, we deliver on that front, too:...

Stop Asking Me Unity VR questions! The Hidden in Plain Sight Post-Mortem

In-between making a game for Ludum Dare game jam, we were also responsible for organizing the Tech Valley Game Space Ludum Dare real-world meeting, and acting as a tutor for the Unity application in a VR Hackathon at Tech Valley Center of Gravity. While we have dealt with being an organizer and making a game...

The Not a Clone Update to Unlock All Secrets

Our weekly live-stream continued last Tuesday (April 26th, 3:00 PM EDT) with a completion of Unlock, the handy puzzle micro-game about moving a key out of its keyhole. The end result? We’ve successfully integrated Astra Wijaya’s artwork to a thrilling tale of thievery: For those interested, our stream’s highlight is available here: This still...