Not a Clone update: notifications

We’re rapidly approaching completion with Not a Clone! At this point, almost all of the major features are implemented, and we are making some small incremental changes in preparation for release. For example, the newest addition to our game is an animation for the notification icon that appears on the Shop button: Oddly enough, this...

Not a Clone Update: Tutorial

Apologize for the lack of update last week. Our regular poster here, Taro Omiya, was sick last weekend. But now he’s doing a lot better! Our latest Not a Clone updates are general User Interface (UI) polishes, in preparation for the looming release. As those who played our free demo will recognize, we have a...

Twitch Live-Stream: Devs Play Not a Clone Demo

Hello, everyone! We’re back to our regular weekly live streaming schedule at 3:00 PM EST tomorrow (Tuesday). Note that in case you’ve missed the last stream, we also repost them on Youtube as well! Watch live video from japtar10101 on Missed it? Here’s the Youtube video:

Not a Clone Free Demo released!

After a ton of updates and teasing, we’re proud to announce that the demo version for Not a Clone is out right now! You can find our free demo (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) in these web portals below: GameJolt Newgrounds SlideDB Kongregate What is Not a Clone, you ask? Here’s the full game...

Not a Clone Update: Ridiculous Piñatas

While we had to skip the update last week due to some life-related reasons, we’re back with some new information about Not a Clone! First, the great news: we’ll be uploading a demo version of the game very soon. This will provide a sneak-peek at what’s in store for the full version. The full version...

Twitch Live-Stream: Adding Coins During Down-time

Hello, everyone! As usual, we’ll be live streaming at 3:00 PM EST today, and will make it a weekly thing before we release the game. If you’ve missed this stream, remember that you have next Tuesday, 3:00 PM EST to look forward to! Watch live video from japtar10101 on