Not a Clone Update: Quicker Transitions

Hello, everyone!  Back again with a new update! A new demo version, version 1.4.0, was just released, with one new feature: quicker transitions. Once the player has shown adeptness with a microgame, the game will jump right to the objective (as depending on the microgame, it may change), shortening the transition from one microgame to...

Not a Clone Update: Mundane Housework

Apologize for the silent treatment these last two weeks. As some of you may have noticed, last week, we’ve updated the demo with the following changes: Adjusting how the first couple of microgames are selected. Updating sound effects for… 8 Ridiculous Pinatas Bun Ninja Changing how the microgame’s background music play. It will cut-off if...

Not a Clone Update: Taking on Beta Suggestions

We have a short update for Not a Clone this weekend. Since last weekend, we’ve started working on implementing suggestions and fixing bugs reported by beta testers. One of those is improving the tutorial. You may recall the old tutorial, which looked like this: A few testers had pointed out it was difficult to tell...

Not a Clone Development: Better Tutorial

In this Twitch stream, we improve the tutorial by using a spotlight effect to bring greater attention to the shop button and lucky coin:

Not a Clone Update: What’s This? Another Demo Release?

Some of you may have noticed that a new version of Not a Clone Demo has been released. This is quite a rapid turnout compared to the last release, which came out a full month after the demo debuted. What’s going on? In short, we’ve been syncing the code and assets for the demos with...

Not a Clone Update: Keeping it short

A quick update on Not a Clone: as many of you may have noticed, a few days ago, we’ve update the demo build to a new version 1.1. The changes are fairly small for the demo itself–the biggest change is how the loading screen appears–but it also synchronizes the build with where we’re at with...