The incredible art of over-engineering: Everybody Plays Golf Post-Mortem

Over-engineering: a plan where one adds unnecessary complexity in implementing a simple feature for a technical project. In the same way it’s dangerous to plan a game with too many features in a game jam, over-engineering sinks a lot of projects, personal or otherwise. While we’ve set out to make a satirical game about energy...

The Recursive Dollhouse Trailer #1

The Recursive Dollhouse Trailer #2

The Recursive Dollhouse Gameplay

Picture This! An Interpretative Art Exercise (Global Game Jam 2017)

Combining the unusual with the familiar: The Recursive Dollhouse Post-Mortem

“I have a present for you,” announced the father as he walks into his family home with a big wrapped package. Excited, his daughter hastily unwraps the box. Her face opens into a big smile: it’s a dollhouse. “Take a look inside,” encourages the father. The small girl lifts the roof of the dollhouse to...

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