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We’ll be at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2015!

Hey, all. I know it’s not a regular convention, but we’ll be around at Game Developers Conference (GDC) next week. If you happen to be around, look for a guy named Taro Omiya that looks like this: Hope to see you there!

Impossible Poker Post Mortem

So, I’m programmer, been consistently making digital games every month, and yet, made a card game for Global Game Jam this year.  Oddly enough, I found the experience to be more challenging than the common perception would imply.  While the development process of the prototypes and iterations were quick and easy, properly identifying problems with...

New #OneGameAMonth: Impossible Poker

For Global Game Jam 2015 at MAGFest, our team created a new social card game where everyone playing does not know the rules to the game. Enter Impossible Poker, a game about deciphering the rules of the game. It can be played with 4 or more players, a pack of playing cards, some tokens, and...

Heading to MAGFest this weekend

Hey, guys. We’ll be at Washington, DC this weekend to make a game at MAGFest. Yup, we’ll actually make a game, courtesy of Global Game Jam happening at that very location. This will be the first #OneGameAMonth we’ll be developing in 2015, so it’s going to be incredibly exciting. See you there!

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