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New Ludum Dare game: The Recursive Dollhouse

Like a swift ninja skittering across a frozen lake, Ludum Dare 37 have come and went swiftly… Hello, everyone! Sorry for the silent treatment, but we have a new game out! Inspired by an episode of Tales of the Unusual (Japanese version of Twilight Zone), we went full-on surreal: The Recursive Dollhouse is a very...

April #1GAM and #LDJAM…again! Unconventional Stick Swinging Simulator

Well, that was quick. We’re back within a day with yet another Ludum Dare game, this time for the Jam (team development challenge). This game, made in less than a day, is called Unconventional Stick Swinging Simulator. Ever wanted to swing a stick unconventionally? Now you can! Experience the true art of swinging your really-long...

All the Laundry Day ports

Here’s all the locations I’ve uploaded Laundry Day into: Newgrounds: Kongregate: GameJolt: Happy cleaning!

Make it Juicy: does it need a video?

Hey everyone. Now that the Make it Juicy presentation is in Beta, I’ve been debating about something: do I really need a supplementary video? At this point, every notes I had for the game are pretty much in the menu, and I think the game speaks for itself. I was wondering if, for any of...

Make it Juicy Presentation: now in Beta!

Make it Juicy presentation is almost done! The new games now include achievements (or flags) and a story. While finished, there may be bugs in the presentation, so I could use as much testing as possible to make sure it’s stable. Thanks for the help!

Make it Juicy Presentation Update: Scores!

I am a little late on this update, but I added a scoring system to the game. I also added flashes and pauses into the game. I’m actually about 3/4ths done with this presentation, and hopefully by the end of tomorrow, have the entire demonstration finished (but not yet complete). As usual, here’s the link....

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