prototype-murakami v9

This is an automated post, previewing a game currently in development.

Space to move forward.
Shift to turn 180 degrees and cancel the puzzle.
When approaching a fork, puzzle, or a door, click on the button that appears on the screen to select the next path.

[WP_UnityObject src=”” width=”610″ height=”343″/]

Changes for v9:
[Taro Omiya] Merge with Puzzle Integration:
Adding cut to the character’s view to start the puzzle.
Added graphics for puzzle.

[Taro Omiya] Fixing the sound effects still going on after selecting puzzle.

[Taro Omiya] Got the transition from game camera to puzzle camera and back is now working… but I don’t like it. I think I’ll use a full-screen render texture and material to make the transition.

[Taro Omiya] Workin on adding a puzzle camera.

[Taro Omiya] Working on adding a puzzle camera to handle the point & click aspect of the game.

[Taro Omiya] Working on more puzzle-related efforts. Got the navigation button and camera configuration to trigger when approaching a puzzle point.

[Taro Omiya] Slowly working on integrating puzzle point into the OnRailsController.

[Taro Omiya] Allowing Puzzle Point to utilize any camera angles.

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