prototype-murakami v11

This is an automated post, previewing a game currently in development.

Space to move forward.
Shift to turn 180 degrees and cancel the puzzle.
Hold the right mouse button or left ctrl to look around.
When approaching a fork, puzzle, or a door, click on the button that appears on the screen to select the next path.

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Changes for v10:
[Taro Omiya] Merge with Puzzle Integration:
Adding transition animation from navigation mode to puzzle.

[Taro Omiya] Adding transition from navigation to puzzle and back. Not what I like, but close enough. I can easily fix it as I go on.

[Taro Omiya] Merge with Puzzle Integration:
* Adding Aim Controls
* Adding a “cursor” for the point & click puzzle. This is merely to demonstrate I’ve got the right plane.

[Taro Omiya] Merge with Combat Integration:
Added in the aim controls.

[Taro Omiya] Adding lasers for aiming.

[Taro Omiya] Got the vertical rotation working when in combat mode.

[Taro Omiya] Committing current work-in-progress to get rotating camera during combat mode.

[Taro Omiya] Adding combat camera angle and input.

[Taro Omiya] Importing gun from Angry Bots.

[Taro Omiya] Putting off the puzzle stuff for the time being. It’s more complicated than I expected.

[Taro Omiya] Attempting to make the point & click lever. It’s not working as expected. Consider using 2D physics instead of 3D.

[Taro Omiya] Renaming the puzzle point.

Changes for v11:
[Taro Omiya] Merge with Puzzle Integration:
Adding Rearview mirror and inventory window in the puzzle scene. Taking out the fog. Until I put the enemies in-place, it looks ugly.

[Taro Omiya] Adjusting the rear view camera angle and navigation to puzzle transition.

[Taro Omiya] Working on mode transition again, this time with a real animation!

[Taro Omiya] Correcting the rear-view mirror animation.

[Taro Omiya] Adding Rear view camera angle.

[Taro Omiya] Working on making the inventory appear after hovering over them.

[Taro Omiya] Resizing the rear view mirror.

[Taro Omiya] Making the elements invisible by default.

[Taro Omiya] Finally got the conditions on the transitions. SOmehow.

[Taro Omiya] Re-writing the transitions.

[Taro Omiya] Adding transitions. Not sure if I can actually edit them, though.

[Taro Omiya] Adding inventory animations. I don’t know why the animator is freezing the editor whenever a transition is created.

[Taro Omiya] Adding rear view mirror animations.

[Taro Omiya] Working on adding an inventory system to the puzzle section.

[Taro Omiya] Updating Unity-chan’s movement so that it will not fall off the cliff so often.

[Taro Omiya] Reverting a few things to make them look more natural.

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