#ScreenShotSaturday Presents: Development Progress for March’s #OneGameAMonth

The first version of the prototype had numbers indicating the order you had to touch and hold the circles.  This “feature” didn’t last.


Here was the tutorial screen.  I later increased the number of buttons on this screen to 5.


Here I introduce 2 new things: branching, where one has to hold down the yellow circle to make the blue, purple, and red circles to appear, and a blinding sun-ray that covered the entire screen.  Oh dear.


The level select screen! It was pretty boring.


New level introduced. At this point, I had 13 levels finished.


I started crunching the last week of March. I made these graphics after the first 3 days of crunch.


Here I finally implemented a trail that appears when you touch and drag across the screen. It’s very mesmerizing.


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