The Recursive Dollhouse Trailer #1

The Recursive Dollhouse Trailer #2

The Recursive Dollhouse Gameplay

Picture This! An Interpretative Art Exercise (Global Game Jam 2017)

Changes made for Not a Clone iOS approval

Time for some bit of transparency. We released our game, Not a Clone last Thursday, but that journey wasn’t without some bumps. As you would expect from a satirical game, we did receive a rejection from Apple once, and had to make a few minor changes to the game so they would approve it on...

Short Not a Clone Update: 11th Hour Bugs

Hey, everyone. Have a short update today. At the start of last week, we’ve submitted the latest — and we hoped, last — beta builds to our Beta testers. We’re glad we did, because one of them reported a terrible bug: the game would crash the moment it started! It took us the entire week,...

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