Unexpectedly useful things

Now that Ludum Dare is in judging phases, here are a few tools I found extremely useful…when I least expected it:

Fossil, and its Ticket Tracker

Fossil in a version control much like Subversion.  In fact, it’s commands are nearly identical to SVN, yet has the advantage of a Distributed Revision Control (e.g. offline commit support).  But every programmer knows Version Controls are important!  No, I’m going to talk about a feature that I honestly didn’t expect any use out of: its built-in ticket support.


Ignoring the ugly HTML v1.0 visuals, this thing is just…clumsy.  Nonetheless, I found myself using this over Google Task.  Why?  Well, it loads fast, and I can indicate if I did or didn’t feel like fixing things.

Garage Band…on the iPhone

This is iPhone’s piano. It’s very tiny.


This is iPhone, with orchestral strings, on auto-play.


Life became so much easier, since.

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