Post-compo improvements on The Sentient Cube

I’m not exactly fond of doing this, but the complaints were too strong to ignore.  I’ve decided to create a new web build to address the issues below.  Let me be clear that you should play the original build and rate it first before playing this one.  Otherwise, that’s unfair to everyone.

Played it?  Good.  Here’s the new webplayer:

It contains the following improvements:

  1. Significantly improved the controls.  This was done by combining several methods:
    1. Re-calculating the center of gravity to where the camera is focused
    2. Increasing the gravity on the cube you’re controlling as you get bigger.
    3. Increasing movement assistance as your cube gets bigger.
  2. Added camera controls via mouse and right-control stick on the Xbox 360 controller (only supports Windows).
  3. Fixed the Goal’s 3D text shader to not show through objects.
  4. Changed the tutorial level to be more straight.  This makes the arrow direction less deceptive for beginning players. Also added camera control instructions in that level.
  5. Rocket boosters are adjusted to be more effective.
  6. Fixed bug where newly lit objects will sometimes not stick to the cube.
  7. Added a brief 0.1 second delay before the next object sticks to the cube.  This makes the poles in “Level 1” actually collapse first before it sticks to you.  Also note that that level has changed to accommodate for this change
  8. Slightly increased the threshold necessary to pick up objects.  Only slightly, though!
  9. Picking up bouncy spheres (and potato!) no longer makes you bouncy.

Please tell me in the comments below how these improvements fare to the original build.  I really want to work this into a full game in the near-future, so the sooner I know how to improve the game, the better!

And once again, thanks for all the help!

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