Happy New Year, 2015!

Yay, Happy New Years, everyone! It’s time we talk about what to look forward to for 2015!

This month, we have two games coming up. First, Letters From Secret Santa will finally have a public release on January 7th. Second, Global Game Jam is rolling in between the 23rd and 25th, and in fact, we’ll be in MAGFest making our next #OneGameAMonth!

How about some past projects? Well, it looks like we’re delaying Prototype: Murakami again, but not by much. We’re still gearing up from the holiday seasons, but we have started on developing the game again. We’ll be posting some updates about it very, very soon. Lastly, we are considering a fleshed out, full release of Not A Clone for mobile. We’re still looking into the details, but we’ll have more information about it very soon.

Other than that, we’re still committed to the one game every month resolution, so expect coming very, very soon!

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