Prototype: Murakami Progress #01 (November 2014 #OneGameAMonth)

A long time ago (2 weeks back, in fact) I said I would make a point & click adventure after being inspired by Ko-op’s GNOG. I’m finally getting started on it, and targeting the end of November for release. First step: get Unity-chan to move to different check points.


For the code name of this project (I haven’t figured out what to title this game yet), I’m calling it Prototype: Murakami. Like the past code name convention, it’s in reference to an artist and Superflat founder, Takahashi Murakami. The plan is to create a Killer7-esque game with point & click segments, explaining the dark and flat aesthetic for this game. It is admittedly a complex and daunting task, but I’m sure it’s going to be a fun challenge.

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