prototype-murakami v19

This is an automated post, previewing a game currently in development.

Space to move forward.
Shift to turn 180 degrees and cancel the puzzle.
Hold the right mouse button or left ctrl to look around.
When approaching a fork, puzzle, or a door, click on the button that appears on the screen to select the next path.

[WP_UnityObject src=”” width=”610″ height=”343″/]

Changes for v19:
[Taro Omiya] Refs #134: Merge with Puzzle Integration, adding mouse cursor locking.

[Taro Omiya] Close #134: Adding screen locking.

[Taro Omiya] Refs #136: Merge with Puzzle Integration for the puzzle piece rotation fix.

[Taro Omiya] Close #136: Fixing the rotation of a puzzle piece when dragged across the point & click portions.

[Taro Omiya] Refs #136: Working on adjusting rotation of puzzle pieces. Not sure if this compiles or runs correctly yet.

[Taro Omiya] Start #136: Re-adjusting the plane on the table.


  1. I can’t view the Unity player.

  2. Taro Omiya says:

    Hey, Pangeran. Thanks for the feedback. Not sure why it’s not appearing. It’s built from Unity 4.5.5f1. Did you update the Unity webplayer to the latest webplayer?

    • Ah, never mind.
      It seems my Chrome app are blocking plugin from your website that’s why it didn’t appear.
      Now it it work fine. 🙂

      A little bit comments on the camera angle, it doesn’t feel right.
      It’s like I’m having a headache looking from that view.
      Perhaps from high to low angle a little bit.

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