Prototype: Murakami Progress #16 (February 2015 #OneGameAMonth)

We’ve been slowly developing Prototype: Murakami, largely focusing on the enemy functionality and animations. We’re pretty happy that the old Game & Watch-like animations for firing and reloading the gun are now gone. Additionally, the enemies now operate correctly, although they currently don’t hurt the player.


The following animations has finally been fixed:

  1. Enemies now slowly walks toward you
  2. When close to the player, enemies will start sprinting towards you
  3. Enemies has a bizarre death animation (which is intended)
  4. Firing bullets at enemies will make them briefly stop, along with an accompanying “ouch” animation
  5. Player animation for firing bullets is now much more smoother and organic
  6. Fixed the player reload animation, which lets you see her face

Adding blood and explosions is next on the list of things to do. Fun stuff!

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