New Ludum Dare game: Hidden in Plain Sight

Ludum Dare 35 has come and gone, but not without a new game! We’ve attended the Jam (team development challenge) to try something completely different: make a surreal puzzle-platformer where your character’s silhouette reveals a hidden world. The journey was full of treachery and danger (read: distractions), but we finished what we set off to do! Our new game is Hidden in Plain Sight, created solo by Taro Omiya. Oh yeah it’s open-source, too!

Full Description:

A lone woman finds herself stuck in-between two dimensions, and only you can help! Guide this person to salvation using environmental cues and your own smarts. Hidden in Plain Sight is a unique puzzle-platformer where your character itself reveals a new hidden world. Use the visual cues in both the real and hidden to navigate through this treacherous world!

Note: a 3-button mouse (mouses with scroll wheels) is necessary to play.

* WASD to move
* Space to jump
* Left-Ctrl to crouch and crawl
* Move the mouse to look around
* Use mouse scroll-wheel to zoom in and out
* Esc to pause

Created in:
* Engine: Unity
* Graphics: a combination of Unity Standard Assets, Unity-chan (Candy Rock version) and Autodesk’s free Character Generator.
* Music: GarageBand, something I made a few days ago
* Sound Effects: Unity Standard Assets and BFXR
* Font: Fira-Sans by Mozilla

This game is funded through Patreon. Many thanks to the following:
* Adam R. Vierra
* Joshua Jennings
* XanderHD
* Tommy Pedersen
* Jacob Clark

Made in Tech Valley Game Space!

If you can, please rate the game, and let us know what you think!

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Some screenshots!

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