Through Oneself v1.1.1 update!

Up until now, we’ve been silently updating our Ludum Dare 35 game, originally titled Hidden in Plain Sight, to Through Oneself. The title change was due to the discovery of an existing game that was also titled Hidden in Plain Sight. Along with the title change, though, we’ve made a couple of changes to address concerns that was reported to us. They are:

Brighter Graphics


We’ve noticed that people found it difficult to recognize certain things in the game due to the dark graphics. So we’ve brightened it up significantly, making it a lot easier to find that one elusive block!

Easier Platforming


Without a single question, the unfair platforming was the biggest complaint we’ve heard. We’ve listened, and made it much easier to see your own character when jumping from one platform to another. Additionally, the jump physics has been enhanced to allow a small margin of error, as well as make it clear where you jumped from, and where you’ve landed.

Visually Clear Tracks


While the blocks always had limited movement, there hasn’t been an obvious visual that lets anyone know what was the range any single block could move. We’ve added a glowing fence around the block to make it clear the range of that block’s movement. This should, again, make it a lot easier to find that elusive block.

Slight Change in Level Design


We’ve also made a few changes to levels to create a more streamlined experience.

General Performance Improvements

All builds should now run a lot faster, thanks to better lighting optimization.

WebGL: Mouse-Locking

Mouse locking should now work on WebGL builds.

So check out the latest Through Oneself through any of the links below, and let us know what you think!

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