Goals and Inspiration

One thing I haven’t done much is make a lot of blog posts. Hopefully this year, I’ll amend that with a lot of technical posts about using Unity and other tools to make this company operate.

First thing, though, I realized I haven’t actually stated anywhere what my main goal and inspiration for making games are. While it’s pretty clear on all the short games I’ve created, it might be a good time to put it into words. I’m personally most inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto and Keita Takahashi for creating entire new game genres, and I really want to follow their footsteps in creating never-before-seen games. Even old game genres still have many different ways to modify and make new again. This has been a common trend with the games I’ve made so far, utilizing a unique or bizarre game mechanic to make the boring old formula feel fresh again. We clearly have a lot more room for new game genres, if endless runners, not-games, and clumsimulations proves anything. I really want to be a part of that, and will inspire to do so these coming years.

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