Not a Clone Progress: Menu Animations

There’s not much to report this week, largely because a huge amount of time has been spent stripping out the previous menus, and implementing a new one to better reflect last week’s mockup. For example, to change the old start screen…

Initial conversion to iPad screen resolution

Initial conversion to iPad screen resolution

…to the new one Astra Wijaya made…

Mockup of the Start Menu

Mockup of the Start Menu

…GameObjects (this project is made in Unity) has to be moved around to make it easier to animate and script the UI.


This is actually a lot of invisible work. As weird as it sounds, there’s quite a lot that goes behind the scenes to update old stuff to look like something new.

Still, things are progressing smoothly. In other places, a few minigames now support multi-touch, making them a bit easier.

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