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Not a Clone is 50% off this Thanksgiving & Black Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To celebrate the US holiday, Not a Clone will be on sale for 50% off on both Apple’s AppStore and Google Play for 2 days straight, so get them while they’re hot!     

Not a Clone Update: New Demo, Future Plans!

Those keen-eyed followers of Not a Clone may have noticed that a new build has been released for both the iOS and Android full-releases, as well as the demo releases on various web portals. What’s new in these builds? Let’s start with the changes in the full release. Due to many requests, Not a Clone...

Not a Clone Post-Mortem: Live!

We’re live-streaming our post-mortem of our mobile game, Not a Clone, live at IGDA Albany (11/2/2016, 7:00 PM EST)! Check it out on our stream below. Watch live video from AlbanyIGDA on

Not a Clone is Released!!!

Well, let’s get right to it. Not a Clone is released!!! You can grab it on AppStore (iPhone and iPads) and Google Play (Androids) right now: That’s right! After developing this game for almost 2 years since the #OneGameAMonth prototype, we’ve finally finished this incredibly ambitious project. We want to thank you all for following...

Short Not a Clone Update: 11th Hour Bugs

Hey, everyone. Have a short update today. At the start of last week, we’ve submitted the latest — and we hoped, last — beta builds to our Beta testers. We’re glad we did, because one of them reported a terrible bug: the game would crash the moment it started! It took us the entire week,...

Not a Clone Update: New Trailer & Release Estimate

Another week, another update, and this is probably the most exciting yet! First, we have a new trailer, edited by Astra Wijaya: Notice something at the end? That’s right, we plan on releasing Not a Clone this month! We’re distributing the release candidate to our beta testers this week. Assuming they encounter no major bugs...

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