Darumaman and Totemman in Not a Clone

We return to our regular program of Not a Clone updates with two animations: Darumaman and Totemman minigames!


These will take place of Fungusman and Slapperman from the old Not a Clone build. Thanks again to Astra Wijaya for the graphical improvements.

A while ago, we mentioned we were adding difficulty levels to each minigame. Here are a few more changes that can occur on each minigame.

The minigames 2 and 10 now increases the number of tiles the game starts with as the difficulty increases. It was a bit difficult for our programmer, Taro Omiya to put together, but we’ve managed to make all the puzzles the minigame generates to be solvable:


Likewise, Colors! and Neons! got a similar treatment.


We’ll provide more updates as we go along on how other minigames changes as the difficulty increases.

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