Upcoming changes to Not a Clone

Hello, everyone. We don’t have any graphical updates this week, but we are making some progress on developing Not a Clone. Namely on the feedback we’ve received during regular playtesting. Basically, we’ve listened to criticisms that our game, both in its current form and the original PC version, are difficult to get into due to the minigames’ complexity. Additionally, a few pointed out that the satire behind the game wasn’t very obvious or critical. Our team has been hard at work coming up with a design to resolve both issues, and we’ve finally resolved on our answer.

We’ll be making a (fictional) app store to unlock more minigames.

Our plan is to start with a limited number of minigames which would be easier for beginners to play. Most of these will be original games. You’ll earn currency depending on your score at the end of the game, allowing you to buy games from the app store. Except…most of them are clones!

As of now, we’re still in designing phases, so it’ll seem like there’s no progress being made for a while. Rest assured we’re working as hard as possible!

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