Hooray for programmer’s art!

Due to the artist’s brief vacation and the programmer currently sick, as well as a brief break to join the Local History Game Jam last weekend, progress on Not a Clone is a bit slow. Despite his sickness, though, our programmer went ahead and tried to put together some changes together. Excuse the terrible artwork and composition.

First off the Game Over screen has been simplified to combine the quips, list of clones, and original minigames into a single results panel. Leaderboards still remains as a separate panel that can be revealed by swiping. We hope this reduces any confusions in the game. Also visible as a brief preview is a hint button to reveal more information on each minigame.


The proposed shop to buy and unlock minigames is being implemented as well. Currently, it’ll look like this:


Hopefully with more development, we can go into more detail with this new menu.

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