New mockups for store, games list, and options

After a long brainstorming discussions, we’re ready to get started on creating the menus for the minigame store, minigame list, and options. Many thanks to Astra Wijaya for putting these clean mock-ups together! To start with, the mockup below has two menus shown: the left menu is the minigame store listing the available options. Unlocking a minigame is as easy as tapping the buy button, which lists the price of the minigame. If one wants to know about more details on each entry, they can tap on the icon or name of the minigame to open the left, which provides the description of the game as well as how to play it:

Mockup Top Charts

Also new is a menu devoted to listing all the minigames you’ve unlocked so far. By tapping on the info icon, not only will the description of the game be displayed, but also how to play the game, what the game is a clone of (if any), and even a button that lets the player practice the minigame safely.

Mockup Games

Lastly, the options menu. This mockup below is, admittedly, a bit incomplete as we’re still discussing what features we have left to add in the game. Regardless, a few settings were important enough to make it to this mockup, including audio configuration, changing language, displaying the leaderboard and achievements, credits, and so forth.

Mockup Options

We should have more to show in the future as implement these mockups in the game.

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