New feature: Challenge!

We’re adding a new feature to Not a Clone this week! Courtesy of programmer, Taro Omiya, Challenge is a new mode that occurs every 10 apps. For one single app, the difficulty dramatically increases:


The reward, as the animation above implies, is replenishing one life!


But what if you already have all 4 lives? No worries! In fact, life up is just one of the rewards. The other, which occurs much more often if you have more lives, is increasing the score by a drastic amount (4!).


Naturally, succeeding in this app leads to increasing your score dramatically.


So what happens if you lose to challenge mode? Simple: you lose one life, just like the other apps, and lose the opportunity to take the challenge again for 10 more games. Of course, we’ll be play-testing this feature extensively, so a lot of these details are subject to change.

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