Not a Clone Update: New Trailer & Release Estimate

Another week, another update, and this is probably the most exciting yet! First, we have a new trailer, edited by Astra Wijaya:

Notice something at the end? That’s right, we plan on releasing Not a Clone this month! We’re distributing the release candidate to our beta testers this week. Assuming they encounter no major bugs and the submission approval process goes well, we should be able to release this game by the middle of this month. This is quite an exciting time for all of us!

Robert Denner (writer), Astra Wijaya (artist), and Jason Harlow (artist) were hard at work finishing the last bits of the game. The art dump below were the last set of things needed to finish the game. Give it up for these three hard-working developers!


Again, there are no changes to the demo build yet. We will be working on updating it, though!

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  1. Neil Alers says:

    Well done Taro!
    I like the new trailer, even helps me understand NAC play and purpose better than the demo.
    Best of success to you!
    Let me know if my Nisky High School daughter and I can help with the Beta.

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