Not a Clone Update: Quicker Transitions

Hello, everyone!  Back again with a new update! A new demo version, version 1.4.0, was just released, with one new feature: quicker transitions. Once the player has shown adeptness with a microgame, the game will jump right to the objective (as depending on the microgame, it may change), shortening the transition from one microgame to another by about 30%. To get a better understanding of how that feels, this is how slow the transitions are for beginning players:


And this is how fast the transition will be for more skilled players:


As usual, here is the list of changes with the latest build:

  1. Shortening the transition from one microgame to another as demonstrated above.
  2. Updating Practice to always show the gesture the first 3 games, then skip to the objective for the rest of the games.
  3. Creating minor improvements to the graphics on the WebGL builds.
  4. Adjusting the condition on when the inverted instructions starts appear. They kick-in a little after the shorter transitions kick-in.
  5. Improving the music-to-sound-effect balancing on a couple of microgames.

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