#OneGameAMonth is on hold

As we’re transitioning to making Not a Clone into a full remake on the mobile, it’s becoming clear that a substantial amount of time and focus is necessary to complete the game. Unfortunately, this means that we will have to put the regular #OneGameAMonth on hold until the project is done. So what does this mean?

First off, there will be no changes to the Patreon campaign, since it charges only when a game is posted. Since no experimental free games will be posted for a while, rest assured that those who signed up to donate will not be charged during development. In the rare case that a new game does get posted (and it will, see below), it’ll be posted and charged like any other #OneGameAMonth games.

Second, because #OneGameAMonth is on hold, doesn’t mean there won’t be more experimental free games coming up. It will simply happen less regularly. For example, Ludum Dare is coming up next month, and we do plan on participating on it.

Thanks for all the support you’ve all been giving to us. We’ll post our progress with the game soon, so stay tuned.

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