Not a Clone progress report #1

It’s been almost two weeks with no update on how the Not a Clone mobile shift had been going, so it’s time to fix that. We don’t currently have any images or videos to show yet since the last one, since most changes have been in the back-end. However, it’s worth pointing out how much progress we’ve made:

  • Updated the project from Unity 4 to Unity 5.
  • Made the game more efficient on mobile devices. This actually took the most time.
  • Adjusted everything to properly fit in any portrait screens. The original PC version required a 9:16 screen ratio to work properly.
  • Adjusted a few minigames that require tapping on a specific location to be easier on smaller devices.

We wanted to give our thanks to all the people who played the game and provided us feedback during the Game Developers Conference. Right now, we’re hard at work at redesigning the menus to be cleaner and easier to operate. We’ll also be working on adding more back-end features, such as localization, achievements, and leaderboards. So stay tuned!

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