Not a Clone Update: Ridiculous Piñatas

While we had to skip the update last week due to some life-related reasons, we’re back with some new information about Not a Clone! First, the great news: we’ll be uploading a demo version of the game very soon. This will provide a sneak-peek at what’s in store for the full version. The full version of the game, meanwhile, still needs a few more polishes (mainly bug fixes) and an occasional feature or two.

For this week, we’ve successfully integrated Astra Wijaya’s artwork to Ridiculous Piñatas. Those who watched our stream might recall the large number of problems we had with this microgame, but rest assured it’s been fixed as proven by the clip below:


Also new to a game is a new unlockable: the lucky coin. Every once-in-a-while, a coin will appear in the menu that transitions from one minigame to the other. Tapping on it provides more money to spend in the shop later.


We will NOT be streaming next week, as we’ll be busy putting together finishing polishes to the demo build. Still, stay tuned!

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