New Ludum Dare game: Artifact of the Ancients

Now that Ludum Dare 36 is over, we have a new game! We’ve attended the Jam (team development challenge) to something a little more familiar: a puzzle-platformer that involves flipping the world upside-down! Our new game is Artifact of the Ancients, created by Taro Omiya, Robert Denner, and Jason Harlow. Oh yeah it’s open-source, too!

Full Description:

Join the archaeologist, Sam, on one heck of a ride as he searches for a mythical lost treasure with his faithful companion, Lucy. You’ll flip as you experience the world from different perspectives and Sam’s life goes topsy-turvy the further he goes down the rabbit hole

This game is funded through Patreon. Many thanks to the following:
* Adam R. Vierra
* Joshua Jennings
* XanderHD
* Tommy Pedersen
* Jacob Clark

Made in Tech Valley Game Space!

If you can, please rate the game, and let us know what you think!

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Some screenshots!

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