Prototype: Murakami Progress #12 (November 2014 #OneGameAMonth)

Hey, guys. Sorry for the late update. Last time, I said I was going to work on several things, including fixing the menu placement and making items persistent. While there’s no save slots to store your progress, you can now carry objects from one location to another with ease. Additionally, when the pistol is in the characters inventory, not only will she be carrying the gun around, she’ll carry it with her after entering doors as well! Things are finally shaping up!


I only have a few more issues related to the point & click puzzle portions to iron out, including the orientation of the items when using them between different locations. I can finally get started on the combat portion very soon.


  1. jenninexus says:

    I love the character – is she 2D or 3D? Beautiful & fun looking friends!

    • Taro Omiya says:

      Hi, jenninexus. Actually, the character is Unity-chan from, you guessed it, Unity asset store: Although we made significant changes to the textures from the original 3D model, and using a completely different toon shader.

      A lot of games we make are free experiments that uses a lot of free models found from the asset store. I’m actually not much of an artist, and I’m usually interested in implementing wacky ideas and see what happens than selling them and making profits.

      • jenninexus says:

        Ah that’s great actually you did a good job of making her look unique w/ the brown hair & I think toon-rendering. After trying to model & rig my own char, I practiced a bit w/ a couple versions of Unity Chan.. she sure has a lot of professional animations & love put into her .. great choice! Keep up the great work. 🙂

      • jenninexus says:

        Very fun trying different looks by altering the textures and stuff. Fun! I can empathize with using existing assets to create experiments and grow as a developer (without having to do all the art yourself). Cheers. 🙂

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