New Ludum Dare game:

We’re back from Ludum Dare 34, which means a new game! We’ve attended the Jam (team development challenge) with a new challenge: learn how to program a networked multiplayer game with Unity in just 72 hours. It was a tough ride, with lots of bugs, errors, computer screen coming alive, dragons being real, and philosophy wars, but we finally got it done! Our new game is, a 2-player hacking FPS by Taro Omiya. Did we also mention that it’s open-source, too?

Full Description:

Is your friend over-powering you in any FPS game? No worries! is a 2-player FPS that let’s you disable up to two button inputs from your opposing player! Keep your friend from moving forward, take away their ability to jump, and shoot your way to victory!

* WASD to move
* Space to Jump
* Hold the Left Shift to run
* Move the mouse to look around
* Left-Ctrl or Left-click to shoot
* Left-Alt or Right-click to put up a reflective shield
* Esc to bring up the hack menu

Created in:
* Engine: Unity
* Graphics: everything is created by Unity Standard Assets, excluding Box-chan (part of Unity-chan package).
* Music: GarageBand
* Sound Effects: Unity Standard Assets and BFXR
* Font: Fira-Sans by Mozilla

Special thanks to our Patreon patrons (
* Adam R. Vierra​
* Joshua Jennings
* David Lin
* Tommy Pedersen
* Jacob Clark

If you can, please rate the game, and let us know what you think!

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Link to GameJolt:

Link to Ludum Dare voting page:

Some screenshots!

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And for those interested, we have a time-lapse, too!

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